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Remote Cellular Surveillance

With real-time awareness, you save time and gain peace of mind.

The RangeCam 4G solves a wide range of remote monitoring needs, including ranch monitoring, farm monitoring, security surveillance, and wildlife scouting.

The wide lens will include more horizontal coverage (100° FOV), but tends to have a "fish eye" effect, making things look a bit further away than they actually are. Choose the wide lens if you want to cover as much horizontal distance as possible.

The standard lens covers less horizontally (58° FOV), but the photos and videos are generally a bit clearer and the distance between the camera and objects are displayed more accurately. Choose the standard lens if you'd rather have higher quality coverage of a smaller area.

When comparing the RangeCam 4G and the RangeCam Mini, the RangeCam 4G includes two antennas, uses 12 AA batteries instead of 8, and has GPS capabilities to include coordinates at the bottom of each photo. Choose the RangeCam 4G if cell reception is especially weak or if GPS coordinates are especially important for your situation.

Marble Surface

Camera Options

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