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"See a need, fill a need"

Cole Nicholas

Cole Nicholas describes himself as "a farm boy who read a 'how-to' book". In reality, Cole has a special knack for everything and anything technology related. Cole worked for other technology companies across the Midwest before deciding to follow the American Dream and start his own business. He saw a need that small businesses had for technical support, and understood that not every small or medium sized business can afford their own IT department. Cole decided to try to "fill that need" and formed Cybertek Systems, a small business technology solution.


The Cybertek Systems Team


Bethany V.

Office Manager

Bethany is the glue behind the Cybertek team. Bethany has worked as a Music Therapist and Teacher in the past, as well as previously managing a small business in the Northern Colorado area. Being passionate about organization and details, Bethany adds the layman's perspective to all that is done in the workings at Cybertek. She loves helping all the tech minds, here at Cybertek, to communicate in everyday terms to our customers. 

Dan S.

Systems Analyst

Dan is a remote Tier 2 and 3 technician. He has had a passion for technology since a young age and has built his career in various tech and customer support roles. Dan currently holds multiple certifications related to computer hardware, software, support, networking, and security. 

Isaac S.

Lead Technician

A technology wiz that tackles any challenge put in front of him, Isaac is the lead technician on the Cybertek Team. From computer networking to surveillance systems, Isaac is the "behind the scenes" expert that will be assisting on all technology related projects.

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