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Surveillance Systems from the Law Enforcement Perspective

Small town South Dakota is changing. I've grown up in South Dakota, moving around the state some as a child, but ultimately graduating from Platte. When I was a kid, we rode our bikes everywhere. We walked into our friend's houses without knocking. My tape player had either the Footloose soundtrack or the new Shania Twain album blaring as the neighbor kids and I made ramps for rollerblading in the front yard. It seems that way of life has passed, maybe not completely, but there definitely seems to be less and less kids rolling past my house with their own "biker gang".

I have spent my adult life in law enforcement. In fact, we joked that it was "the family business" for a long time. My grandfather was the superintendent in a village in Alaska that didn't have a full-time cop, so he had to play that role. My dad was in law enforcement for almost 20 years. My uncle was a police officer, and ended his career working for the University of North Carolina as an investigator. You could say it's in my blood.

In the eight years that I have been an officer, the job has taken a drastic turn. Law Enforcement Officers are seeing a rise in crime in their "quiet" towns. Businesses are having to take measures to reduce the amount of products stolen. Main Street is no longer a place to keep your keys in your vehicle while you run into the store. This has become the sad reality.

So how do we adjust to this new way of life? Besides spending more time teaching kids to be responsible adults (I could go on and on about how this would save me a lot of paperwork!) one of the greatest assets available to anyone is surveillance cameras.

The Cybertek Team has been very busy putting up surveillance cameras in the past few months. I have a system in my own home. We had seen a rise in some crime in Colome and I would frequently get calls from Sheriff Pettit asking me to review my cameras. It not only gives me peace of mind at night, or when I'm away from home, but it has helped my neighbors. Last week, a vehicle was stolen out of Winner and the suspect was apprehended because of identification from a home surveillance system!

At this point, there are so many systems and cameras to choose from, its difficult to know just what you need and where to put them. That is where Cole and I come in. I review home systems to make sure that you are getting the greatest coverage within your budget. Cole finds the exact camera and storage options for each person's needs. Not only does this become a great asset for you (some insurance companies even offer discounts for having a system in your home), but your local law enforcement will thank you. You will protect your neighbors and community just by keeping an eye on your property.

If you would like this same peace of mind, give us a call at Cybertek Systems. We would love to run out to your place, take a look at your home and discuss your concerns or problem areas. The estimate always comes with a detailed map of what cameras will be placed where. It can always be edited to your liking, and of course....that estimate is always free.

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